Parasol About


Content strategy and platform to elevate Hem's proprietary design and production

Profiles and interviews with collaborating designers and manufacturers

Content elements included original photography and video

Commissions were received by photographers, writers and filmmakers in our global network

On-site visits resulted in documented designer and studio profiles

Tailored posts for social media, PR and and other marketing channels

Winter campaign capturing the long shadows of short Scandinavian days

Art direction for seasonal stories featuring key pieces from the portfolio

Deliverables included: Art Direction, Content Creation, Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Marketing Materials. Photography by Brendan Austin, Charlie Schuck, Krzysztof Pacholak, Julian Mullan, Heiko Prigge, David De Vleeschauwer, Anton Renborg, Anthony Hill and Mai Nestor. Videos by Stefan Haehnel, Jan Rybák and Jonna Dreiman. Portfolio photography by Alexander Crispin. More at